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Montana Land For Sale

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Montana Land For Sale

Gold, Coal and other Investment Opportunities

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    Home Inspections

As you will see, even if you like to buy a house "as is, it is still a good idea to have a home inspection done, in order to know exactly in which condition the house is. Usually you have 5 days after the inspection report has been presented to you, to either ask the seller to fix certain items, or to accept the home the way it is. But since you know what to expect, you can now put some money aside for future repairs and get bids and information regarding possible problems.

Meth Contaminated Addresses

Following are a few of the home inspection summary comments made by home inspectors for our clients when evaluating the client's prospective purchase:

What the professionals have seen:

    "Cracks were observed in the roofing cement used to seal the roof shingles and the plumbing vents. These cracks should be sealed in order to prevent the penetration of water through the openings. This condition should be repaired as soon as possible and is considered a maintenance item which should be performed on a periodic basis."

    "The Ground Fault Interrupter (G. F. I.) receptacle in the rear upstairs bedroom does not respond to manufactures testing device. Replacement of the receptacle is recommended."

    "The furnace exhaust pipe is resting against the 2 x 4 wall stud and the 2 x 6 ceiling joist in the furnace closet on the second floor. According to the exhaust pipe manufacturers instructions, at least one inch must be maintained between the exhaust pipe and any combustible material. I recommend removing the wall stud and bypassing the ceiling joist in order to provide adequate clearance for the exhaust pipe. This condition is a safety concern."

    "The mortar on top of the chimney is cracked and deteriorating. The mortar chimney cap is the first line of defense against rainwater penetrating the bricks and mortar in the chimney. Water can deteriorate the mortar and cause structural damage to the chimney. I recommend patching the mortar cap."

    "Moderate dampness from water penetration was observed along the front and left (east) wall of the basement. This moisture and water penetration appears to be the result of gutters on the left front of the house depositing water at the front of the basement and the grade (ground) sloping toward the foundation wall on the left side of the house. I recommend installing downspouts to the gutters on the front and rear of the house and resloping the grade away from the house."

    "The front door unit is not securely fasted to the slab at the threshold. This condition has caused the door casing to move at the threshold when opening and closing. This condition has also caused the door not to seal properly against the weather-stripping at the top when closed. Securing of the threshold to the slab is recommended." (Former Parade of Homes exhibit)

    "The fan in the upper most portion of the attic does not respond to activation of the thermostat control. The fan blade, which is mounted directly on the motor shaft, will not turn. This condition indicates that the motor is burned out and should be replaced."

    "The plywood roof sheathing is damaged on the left side of the chimney. This decay is the result of a past roof leak. The damaged section of the sheeting is approximately 12" by 24" and has caused a sag in the roof shingles adjacent to the chimney. I recommend replacing the damaged sheathing. Deterioration of the exterior wood fascia and delamination of the soffit was observed on the left side of the chimney, also the result of the prior leak. It appears the leak has been repaired, however, the decayed trim was not replaced. Replacement of this damaged wood is recommended."

    "The following conditions were observed with the water heater in the attic: Heavy rust around the bottom of the heater, rust and standing water in the drain pan, the exhaust pipe is not properly aligned with the draft diverter, and the unit has tilted and is not setting level. It appears that a leak in the tank has caused the rust to form and has deteriorated the base of the heater. This condition has caused the heater to tilt....I recommend replacement of the water heater."

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